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Meet some of our teammates and learn what it is like to be part of Wintermute Trading

We are a fintech business first and foremost, which means that we focus on technology. We develop trading algorithms, we code, so our key role is that of a developer. Our traders are trader-developers as well. This is the future of finance, but this is still not something you'll see in the traditional banks.

But we are not just hackers. We are entrepreneurs. We are builders. We are opportunity creators. We are innovators.  We are building the future of finance where there is no role for bureaucracy, complacency, and inefficiency.

Kamil Kurdziel

Lead developer

Previously with Foxberry, MNV Capital, Trepp, and State Street. BSc in theoretical physics and MSc in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London (with distinction).

When you work at a large hedge fund or financial institution, you primarily work on small pieces of the problem under rigid constraints due to legacy architecture. It can take years before being exposed to the whole infrastructure! At Wintermute, I am empowered to work on the bigger picture right from the start, designing the underlying architecture and deploying state-of-the-art technologies in order to meet strategic objectives.

BSc in Mathematics and Physics at Freiburg University, MSc in Applied mathematics at Imperial College London, first class honours. Remy is also a professional saxophonist.

My deep interests in stochastic analysis, computer science and mathematical modelling led me to the world of algorithmic trading through the referral of a very good friend. In addition to feeding several aspects of my intellectual hunger, I found in Wintermute Trading a highly competitive, decontracted, high-impact and familial culture that makes going to work a sincere pleasure

Remy Messadene


Freddie Farmer

Trader, DeFi lead

Ex Lloyds Banking xVA trading and equity investments.

Physics at UCL

Joining Wintermute as an early employee you’ll be part of the development of our algorithmic trading business - in a nascent asset class with an unrivalled pace of change. Trading blockchain native assets presents alpha capturing opportunities unavailable in traditional financial markets and capitalising on these is both challenging and exciting. Since joining as the first employee I’ve seen the experience of the founders shared with our ever expanding team to form a knowledgeable, fun and determined culture prepared for scale

Join us in our pursuit of greatness!

There is no such thing as too many great developers in a fintech company!

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