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We are a fintech business first and foremost, which means that we focus on technology. We develop trading algorithms, we code, so our key role is that of a developer. Our traders are developers as well. This is the future of finance, but this is still not what you'll see in the traditional funds and banks.

But we are not just hackers. We are entrepreneurs. We are builders. We are opportunity creators. We are innovators.  We are building the future of finance where there is no role for bureaucracy, complacency, and inefficiency.


Kamil Kurdziel

Senior Software Engineer

Previously with Foxberry, MNV Capital, Trepp, and State Street. BSc in theoretical physics and MSc in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London (with distinction).


Flashback two years back and the crypto space was still in its infancy and I was beginning my career at an early stage start up Wintermute. The rapid developments in crypto ranging from defi to new protocols are reflected and even outpaced by the growth of Wintermute - now a leading algorithmic market maker. Hard work coupled with personal growth and determination of becoming a global leader in this space are the most valuable traits. Initially, I worked on designing the underlying architecture and core trading logic. As we grew, I was responsible for the growth of our P&L on two of the top 5 exchanges globally, recruiting and integrating new team members. Recently, I have pivoted from trading back to software development to help us meet the next set of strategic objectives and further work on my development skills.


BEng Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial College London


Developments in the crypto space are often accelerated and this is reflected in the tempo of the work at Wintermute. We value people who work hard and are able take the initiative with opportunities. Demonstrating these qualities is the main driver for progression here and so there is a real sense of controlling your own future. Initially, I worked in core trading development but as Wintermute grew, so did my responsibilities. Eighteen months on, my day-to-day now includes activities ranging from OTC coverage and running the P&L on a few exchanges to interviewing and mentoring new joiners.

Tim Wu.png

Tim Wu

Senior Algorithmic Trader
Dominic Chrumka.png

Dominic Chrumka

Quantitative Developer

MSc in Mathematics at Imperial College London


I was given the chance to intern at Wintermute during the summer of my third year at university; a valuable learning experience that ultimately inspired my decision to join as a permanent member of the team following the completion of my studies. The problems we encounter on a day to day basis are uniquely interesting, and offer consistent opportunities for development and growth both as an individual and a group. I’m grateful that I’m able to collaborate with and learn from a number of extremely capable and knowledgeable colleagues who have taken me under their wing and enabled my rapid improvements.


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