For Crypto Exchanges & Projects

Our market making offer

We cover most vetted exchanges and tokens

We support liquidity for your milestone events, e.g. new listing, a large customer onboarding

We facilitate any off-exchange blocks

We guarantee competitive spreads and our quotes don't disappear in fast markets

We help you to define the right liquidity parameters

Our proprietary algorithms provide liquidity 24/7, supported by experienced traders

We create liquid, efficient markets across most trading platforms, coins and pairs

Wintermute partners with selected exchanges, trading platforms and projects to help them achieve targeted liquidity. We support all major vetted exchanges and coins, as well as new innovative projects.

Ways to partner with us

Partner with Wintermute

We partner with exchanges and trading platform where we see common goals and values:

  • Exchanges with high vetted volumes

  • Compliant exchanges with robust security and risk management

  • Exchanges with thoughtful market making programs

  • Selected innovative exchanges and projects that build the future of decentalized finance

Engage Wintermute

to help you grow

We offer market making services to earlier stage exchanges and project expecting to get listed on top-tier exchanges; once you get to high volume we waive our fees.

Contact us to learn more!

Learn more about why projects need market making support at time of listing and beyond. Wintermute only engages in "Good" market making that would be fully compliant in the traditional financial markets. Read our CEO's blogpost on the topic to learn more the Good, Bad, and Ugly tactics of crypto market making.

Our Partners

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To learn more about Wintermute Trading, explore our team, our partners, and what we have to say on the "the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" of crypto market making

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